Importance of eco friendly ganesha

1) Eco friendly ganesh is prepared from pure mixture of cowdung, and red soil mixed with the holy waters of the GANGA..
2) The purity of the idol helps to create a positive energy around us and also bestowes the blessings of praying to the Lord made from pure products.
3) The stathpana kit provided with this idol has complete puja essentials required during ganesh sthapana…
4) Also with it comes a CD of ganesh arti and namavali
5) Last but not the least the murti completely dissolves at the time of immersion and makes the waters of the river or sea pure instead of impure .
6) Plaster of Paris idols don’t dissolve hence giving disrespect to our Lord and making our environment harmful.
So let’s welcome our Lord with purity and happiness ….your contribution will help so many gaushalas indirectly…

NOTE : While placing the order don’t forget to mention the code (written below each idol)

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